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About Quiet Sessions at Treetop Adventure Golf

Treetop Adventure Golf is launching Quiet Sessions, a monthly experience to ensure that all guests can create treasured memories in the rainforest without having to worry about sensory overload.

The Quiet Sessions run from 9am - 10am and will run on the second Sunday of every month. These sessions are aimed specifically at visitors who would prefer a quieter and less visually stimulating experience. The rainforest boasts bright lights, immersive sounds, and a truly unique experience, it isn't comfortable for everyone. These sessions will enable guests to fully experience the venue, golf courses and The Market area without having to worry about sensory overload.

We know some guests prefer calm and quiet, so once a month, there's a hush in our rainforest. No strobe lightning. No background buzz. Even the Sacred Mask takes it down to a whisper. More information can be found here: https://adventuregolf.com/noticeboard/it-s-oh-so-quiet

As well as introducing Quiet Sessions, Treetop Adventure Golf is also wheelchair-friendly and suitable for golfers of all ages and abilities.

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Treetop Adventure Golf

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