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Highcross is a Hammerson-operated shopping centre. As a business, we aim to create retail destinations that deliver net positive impacts economically, socially and environmentally, through leading-edge design, operational efficiency and a culture of respect and responsibility. By 2030 we will be a Net Positive company for carbon, resource use, water and socio-economic impacts. 

Follow the Hammerson journey here, with access to key documents, our latest performance data and updates on our company initiatives. 

At Highcross we are working with Hammerson to reduce our environmental impact. 

Energy consumption
In 2018 we saved 8% on energy consumption, which is equivalent to 24,135,518 cups of tea.

Water consumption
In 2018 Highcross reduced water consumption per visitor by 4%, equivalent to about 16% of an Olympic swimming pool.  

In 2018 we recycled 91.5% of our waste. The rest was used for energy generation – we send nothing to landfill.

Our key projects in 2019 include: 
  • Replacement of current lighting with energy efficient LEDs in our Multi-story car park
  • Installing Solar Panels to generate renewable energy onsite
  • Air barriers to minimise heating losses in the centre
  • Living wall installation to enhance biodiversity and improve air quality

Go Travel Solutions
With regard to priority travel planning for our staff and customers, it’s vital that Highcross can strike the right balance between doing the right thing and running a commercial business. That’s why it’s great to continuously liaise with the expertise of Go Travel Solutions. They’re commercially-minded and understand our business needs.

They support us by monitoring and delivering travel plans that enable us to understand our customers and own teams better. These plans are based on comprehensive customer surveys that we could simply not do ourselves, analysing both likes and dislikes of travel to Highcross.

This evidence enables us to make the right investment as part of a long-term strategy for our business planning. It also ensures that when we’re discussing travel issues with our management team, we can base our discussions on valid data.

Highcross has been a SmartGo member since the early days of the programme in Leicester. It’s really important to the city and is based on a thorough understanding of business needs.

All of our retailers can benefit from the wide range of travel discounts. The staff love it but need to be pushed to realise just how much they can actually benefit from it. 

There are over 3,000 individuals within our retail base, with 170 in the Highcross team, many of whom use SmartGo for season tickets on local buses. We’re particularly mindful of people’s welfare and the SmartGo programme helps to make the retail and hospitality environment more affordable and flexible for Highcross staff and our retail employees.

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