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What sort of a foodie are you?

Our Summer Food Fest event is taking place in Highcross from 25th July - 10th September. We’re celebrating all that’s good to eat with fantastic discounts and offers across some deliciously tempting restaurants, cafés, bars and more.

So, we thought now’s the perfect time to discover what kind of foodie you are with a fun quiz. Whether you’re a super snacker or a coffee connoisseur, we’ll help you discover your true food personality with just six quick questions…

1. It’s 1pm – what’s for lunch?

a. It’s got to be super healthy sushi with a side helping of green juice. Delish  

b. After my elevenses of two chocolate muffins, I might wait an hour…

c. Well, whatever my darling kids let me inhale in two minutes before we head to the park

d. My tummy’s rumbling for a juicy cheeseburger – hold the gherkins, though

e. First stop, espresso. Second stop, sandwich    

2. What are your plans for the weekend?

a. Yoga and a spot of meditation

b. Afternoon tea with the girls – well, hello, lemon drizzle cake 

c. Oh, y’know, just swimming lessons, football practice and three birthday parties

d. An adrenaline-fuelled bike ride, obviously

e. Relaxing on the sofa – coffee and paper in hand

3. Tell us your ideal dining atmosphere

a. I love a communal table – great for chatting

b. A noisy café with great atmosphere

c. Plenty of peace and quiet (pass the kids those crayons, please)

d. I’m more of a grab-and-go kinda person

e. A nicely laid table and good conversation

4. Who’s your food hero?

a. Deliciously Ella  

b. Nigella Lawson 

c. Jamie Oliver

d. Gordon Ramsay

e. Raymond Blanc

5. What foodie mantra do you live by?

a. Good food equals good moods

b. Keep calm and love chocolate

c. Veg makes you grow big and strong

d. Life’s short: eat the burger

e. Don’t talk to me before I’ve had my coffee

6. We’re giving you a passport outta here… Where would you go?

a. Ibizan spa retreat 

b. The Maldives

c. Euro Disney

d. America 

e. Paris 

Mostly As
The (mostly) saintly foodie

Your body is a temple – well, unless you fancy a cheat day. You can recount all the trendiest juice flavours (and have tried most of them, too) and can’t think of anything better than catching up with mates over a pile of California rolls.

Mostly Bs
The super snacker

You love to indulge your sweet tooth on a regular basis – and why not? Cupcakes, brownies and the odd cookie – if you fancy it, then you don’t deny yourself. You’re certainly a glass (more chocolate milkshake) half full, rather than empty.  

Mostly Cs
The family feaster

Your family is your world – but that doesn’t mean you don’t enjoy a nice meal out together. It just takes a bit of organisation (and some tactical activities in the day to get the kids nicely worn out so they sit still).

Mostly Ds
The fast foodie

There’s never enough hours in the day for you. You may be one busy bee, but that doesn’t mean you don’t want to enjoy gourmet grub. From spicy burritos to customisable burgers, you’re constantly looking for the next delicious hit (as long as you can be in and out in 20 minutes). You don’t have all day, after all.  

Mostly Es
The coffee connoisseur 

Chic and oh so cultivated (well, as long as you’ve had your first coffee of the morning), you like nothing more than kicking back in a relaxed yet stylish café with a paper and some sparkling conversation. You are the coffee bean aficionado – extra shot of espresso, with a biscotti on the side please.  

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