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Hot off the wok!

The wagamama chefs have been busy perfecting their new fresh + vibrant Japanese inspired creations. It is a time where the spring dishes and drinks come out of hibernation and onto the benches of wagamama. 

Coming onto the menu are two harusame glass noodle salads – harusame translates literally to “spring rain” so think light + refreshing salads packed full of nutritious ingredients such as kale, mint and edamame. With a chicken or a tofu option there is something for both meat eaters and veggies.

You might remember back in October wagamama launched their first ever vegan and vegetarian, and great news this is getting bigger! You know that wagamama are famous for their chicken kastu curry right? Well, they have been working hard in their London ‘Noodle Lab’ to bring to us a vegan alternative to their signature dish. Say hello to the vegatsu! All the best bits of the katsu curry made with a chicken alternative, seitan. Pair that with their yasai gyoza and you have a seriously tasty vegan wagamama twosome. 

They’ve also given their drinks menu a summery twist and have teamed up with craft beer producers, meantime to create their super exclusive Natsu beer. Meaning born in summer in Japanese, the Natsu beer brings flavours of passionfruit perfect to pair with one of their new harusame salads. 

The new wagamama menu is available now. Find wagamama outside in St Peters Square, located near The Beacons at Highcross Leicester.

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