Charge up with our pod points

Have you tried our brand new electric vehicle pod points?

Have you tried our brand new electric vehicle pod points?  As part of the exciting new developments at Highcross, our Rooftop car park has been getting a makeover and been fitted out with 6 brand new type 2 electric vehicle charging pod points on Level 1. Just look out for the incredible wildlife artwork produced by local arts project team Graffwerk and you’ll find the dedicated charging bays.  Also remember to download the Pod Point app in advance to receive more than 15 minutes of charge. For more information click here.  Electric vehicle charging benefits the environment by reducing direct emissions of smog-forming pollutants, harmful to health pollutants and Greenhouse gases (GHGs), therefore helping improve air quality in urban areas. The electricity at Highcross is supplied as 100% certified renewable (via Smartestenergy). This ensures that all charging results in further reductions of emissions.   More information on parking at Highcross Leicester can be found here