Best halal dishes

Here’s where to eat at Highcross

To help you find where you can discover — and devour — mouth-watering halal dishes at Highcross, we’ve put together a guide just for you. Whether you’re more of a spicy, tangy or sweet-and-sour connoisseur, we have it covered.


Get ready for a Peri-Peri flavoursome meal at Nando’s where all chicken and beef meat is halal-sourced. Founded in South Africa but heavily influenced by Portuguese cuisine, this popular eatery offers plenty of sharable dishes, so how about treating your loved ones with a Sharing Platter served with grilled butterfly chicken and abundant sides. It’s sure to please everyone around the table. For a lighter feast, opt for the vegetarian Supergrain Salad with its zesty avocado and buttermilk dressing or read our meat-free picks available at Highcross.

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Handmade Burger Co. offers, upon request, some seriously tasty halal chicken burgers packed with heavenly toppings. Made from British chargrilled chicken breast and garnished with smoked cheddar, onion rings. Buffalo sauce, mayo, shredded iceberg lettuce; the Buffalo Chicken is the way to go. For a heathier option, swap the bun with a portion of coleslaw or a mixed leaf salad instead.

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Italian dining is full of flavoursome poultry dishes that are deeply rooted in the Mediterranean cuisine. Lucky for us, all the chicken at Pizza Express is halal and it’s a true pizza-cake to find something for every taste. Try the Pollo salad for a hearty option, or reach for the Pizza Romana Pollo ad Astra arranged with Cajun-spiced chicken, sweet Peppadew peppers, red onion and mozzarella for a sharable feast. No hesitation here, just dough it!

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Legend has it Pho was influenced by both Chinese and French cooking, deriving from the comforting vegetable and meat soup ‘pot au feu’. If you’re looking for that wholesome umami taste, head to Pho for a Vietnamese banquet. For a halal-friendly Pho – a nourishing bowl of rice noodle soup served fresh herbs and a wide variety of condiments – swap the meaty broth with the vegetarian one and top it up with chili paste to give it the necessary kick you need. Alternatively, get these much-needed greens by trying the Goi Ga, a crispy chicken and cabbage salad.

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Note: all restaurants feature alcohol on their menu.