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08/08 - 31/12

Runners Need Run Club

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Highcross to Abbey Park

Distance: 5K

A lovely route from the Runners Need store at Highcross Leicester towards St Margaret's Church and over the Grand Union to Abbey Park. Inside Abbey Park we will be following the footpath for two full laps of the park, exiting through the same entrance to pick up the route and follow it in reverse from the bridge and back to the store in the Highcross.

Mile Breakdown
Mile 1: Highcross to Abbey Park (half way around footpath)
Mile 2: 1.5 laps of Abbey Park (circular foot path route)
Mile 3: Abbey park to Highcross (same route taken in mile 1 but in reverse)

Mostly flat, sight inclines in Abbey Park but nothing steep. Fully foot path along the whole route. We will be crossing some roads on the way to and from Abbey Park with pedestrian traffic lights.

Warm Up/Cool Down
A quick warm up/ cool down will take place near to the clock tower next to Highcross to ensure muscles are warm enough for running and a few important stretches. This should last for 10-15 minutes at the start and end of the route. 

For more information please call Runners Need Leicester on 0116 478 2918.


Runners Need is located inside Cotswold Outdoor, on the Upper Mall near Vision Express and opposite Smiggle.
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