Back to our Roots



About Back to our Roots

Pedestrian, a Leicester-based arts and education organisation is celebrating it’s 25th anniversary having supporting over 62,500 children and young people experiencing disadvantages and challenges across Leicester, Leicestershire and beyond.

To celebrate this milestone, Pedestrian is hosting a Turntablism Festival where they will take you back to where it all began, ‘Back to our Roots!’ Pedestrian started as a Turntablism collective set up by a group of friends in late 1997 as a vehicle for providing training to 11-24 year olds in the creation of music using vinyl records and turntables, or Turntablism.

Pedestrian uses the arts and creativity as a vehicle to engage, empower and enrich children and young people’s lives, who experience challenges & disadvantages. Since 1998, Pedestrian have been delivering high quality creative activity providing education, training and outreach projects for children and young people in Leicester and beyond.

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