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Daily Tariff

0 - 2 hours         £3.00 
2 - 4 hours         £5.00
4 - 6 hours         £7.00
6 - 7 hours         £9.00
7 - 8 hours         £12.00
8 - 24 hours       £20.00

Parking is £2.50 when entering after 5pm and leaving before 6am

“An excellently managed and operated car park – one of the very best in the UK”

Highcross have two Park Mark Awarded car parks that have direct access to the shops and St Peters Square.  Both of car parks have been certified for being safe, secure and well run consistently for the past 6 years.

  • John Lewis - 2,000 Spaces

    The John Lewis Multi Storey car park is located off Vaughan Way and offers 2000 spaces.
    There is a direct link via level 3 where the bridge link over Vaughan Way allows access from the car park straight in to centre.
    Access to this car park out of hours is via the 24 hours escalators which are located opposite TGI Fridays or via street Level 1 on Vaughan Way.
    For Directions please use postcode LE1 4QJ in your Sat nav.

    Parent and Child spaces can be located on levels 1 - 7, and dedicated disabled spaces are available on all levels. 

    This car park also offers Motorbike parking located on level 0 and Electric Bay parking located on levels 1,2,3,6 and 7.

    All vehicles are charged at the same daily tariff. 

  • Rooftop - 1,000 Spaces

    The Rooftop car park has two entry points,  Vaughan Way turning onto Free School Lane (by Nandos) and the second via St Nicholas Circle turning onto Free school Lane.
    The Rooftop car park offers 1000 spaces.   Access to this car park out of hours is located via St Peter’s Square opposite Costa, via the 24 hour corridor. For
    directions please use LE1 4FY in your Sat nav

    The car park has dedicated disabled parking bays and Parent & child bays located on all levels.  Shop mobility can be found on level 2 with direct access to the centre through the scenic lifts.

    All vehicles are charged at the same daily tariff.


Both Car parks are accessible and open 24 hours for your convenient. 

All lost tickets will be charged from 08:00 on the day subject to stringent security checks

  • The Special evening rate is applicable to vehicles entering after 5pm and leaving before 6am.


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